Although know one knows when they will be kicking off, the leagues have been announced for the Development XV and The Wanderers, some very tasty ties!

Development XV – Haribo Premier

Lymm 2nds

Caldy 2nds

Chester 2nds

Blackburn 2nds

Fylde 2nds

Macclesfield 2nds

Rossendale 2nds

Preston Grasshoppers 2nds

Sedgey Park 2nds

Birkenhead 2nds

Sandbach 2nds


Wanderers - 3 North


Upper Eden 2nds

Fleetwood 2nds


Blackburn 3rds

Ormskirk 2nds

Leigh 3rds

Fylde 4th

PGH 4th

Rossendale 3rds

Rochdale 3rds


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